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About GSTi

GSTi Technologies India Pvt LtdFor 13 years, GSTi Technologies India Pvt Ltd has been at the forefront experiencing IT Offshore Services and Resource Augmentation with over 50 clients globally including some of the major Fortune 100 companies. Our company’s name, and the deep tradition from which it arises, implies that we strive to bring a higher level of realization to our work. We operate according to a new and different set of principles and values that are in many ways a marked departure from those long-considered “traditional.”

We pride ourselves as one of the established IT Services Company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction both in public and private sectors providing the latest technology solutions allowing us to give our customers the best possible offshore and on-site services. With operations spanning the globe, GSTi India is at the forefront of cost-effective, collaborative solutions for today’s distributed enterprise. Our products and services range from Aerospace and Defense to SAP to IT Services to Aviation, Health Care etc enabling businesses worldwide.

ISO 9001:2015 certified, GSTi operates software production and competence development centers at Bangalore and Cochin, India. The global delivery model and employee presence offshore as well as onsite along with local partners enable GSTi to maintain the quality of delivery while keeping the price very competitive. We specialize in .Net, Java, PHP, Oracle, Data Warehousing, Informatica, Big Data, Business Analytics, iOS and Android. We are a company headquartered in Dover, NJ and own local business centers in Florida, Virginia, India, Abu Dhabi and Australia.

GSTi is pleased to introduce G Health-Sys, a product designed and developed by GSTi Technologies, a fully integrated Hospital Management Software capable of addressing all the critical administrative issues faced by healthcare facilitators. The system provides better access to essential information by comprehensively supporting the hospitals to integrate and manage medical, managerial, and financial records in an accurate and cost-effective manner.

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