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Hire A Resource

Are you in need of a resource and you are pressed for time? Are you looking to increase your margins by 45%? GSTi offers our customers Hire a Resource provision to choose a developer and technology of their choice. GSTi can provide a team of Full Time Equivalent associates on the required technologies. The resource size can be ramped-up as per the demand and the team can be managed at GSTi infrastructure with ease.

The developers who will be engaged are well-experienced and can convincingly handle the analysis, design, development and unit testing.

What is FTE (Full Time Equivalent)?

Full Time Equivalent means the client can engage a GSTi resource on a monthly basis. The associate will work full time for the client project from GSTi Offices in India. These resources will be like the client staff themselves who work full time for the company.

Typically a resource will be available for one month that consists of 20 working days with 8 productive working hours each. This makes the total working hours as 160. The client can have the entire team working for them for this duration and for full time. According to the XSDM concept of GSTi the resources always will be an extension the client’s team. The client can either hire all of them or can pick and choose the required resources to add it to their existing team.

What type of resources are available?

Following are the resources available at GSTi

How to select a client specific team? The selection of the team will be according to the client requirement and discretion. GSTi does the first level of screening based on the client requirement. The client can then go through the CVs and interview the people. The other levels of selection will be done by GSTi and the right candidates will be invited to work for the client.The resources can be of two types

  • Resources who are on our payroll
  • Resources who can be hired on a contract basis
  • Resources who can join us for the requirement

GSTi performance management programme and skills training program ensures that the resources are well updated on their skill sets and technologies.

How does the XSDM approach work?

XSDM is a model matured by GSTi where the client will find no difference between their in-house team and the outsourced team. The team will be dedicated to client requirements and will be reporting to the client directly. There will be a client co-ordinator who will be stationed either offshore or onsite. All the resources will be working the GSTi Infrastructure.

Features and Benefits of XSDM

Features Benefits
Offshore resource allocation will yield clear ROI Resource allocation in GSTi offshore will yield at-most 5 times the return in terms of cost and delivery time lines
Offshoring of complete projects or part of a project Client can concentrate on their core business while GSTi India supports them with the development/maintenance/support activities
Offshore Project Manager will communicate with the client team Proper planning and scheduling
The team sits in GSTi India Cost saving
Ready availability of knowledge and talent No over-head costs like recruitment costs, training costs etc.
Fee , Time and Material or Full-Time Equivalent Pricing Structure Flexible payment schemes
Can start with a single resource and ramp-up the team to support Proper team sizing
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