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On-site Support at GSTi

GSTi On-Site Support (OSS) is a service developed to support companies with onsite requirements to provide expert in person support at customer’s work location.

OSS is provided by GSTi directly supplied to the customer’s premises. Staff assigned to customer, will perform their work from the customer office throughout their work day as per the customer timings. Additionally, OSS staff may serve as liaisons on behalf of the customer.

Requests for OSS are received through our website chat facility and 24/7 toll free number. You can take a tour around our facilities, meet the people who are with us etc. The requirements can also be entered through Service Engagement Models page. The process helps us to take a quick sneak into your requirements. You can provide us some preliminary information and our Client Relationship Team will be there to assist you in 6 hours’ time. The FAQs section provided in the site will help you with all your queries.

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