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Pricing Models

GSTi Pricing Model

Our pricing model basically differs for each project undertaken; depending on your requirement. Given below is the general concept on pricing.

Maintained three different types of pricing options, for your convenience

Time and Material

The typical Features of this model are:

  1. Single Standard rate – X$/hr.
  2. Follows typical SDLC timelines (10 -15% — Analysis, 10 – 15% — Project Management, 10 – 15% – User Interface, 40% — Coding, 10% – 15% — Testing)
  3. Client involvement is more
  4. Client keeps IP rights(Intellectual property rights)
  5. Less expensive than fixed

Advantages of this arrangement are that you have more control over implementation and it is highly flexible. This arrangement is advisable when evolving requirements. In addition, our business analysis team will be involved but it will turn out to be less expensive than actually fixed.

Fixed Price

The typical Features of this model are:

  1. Fixed Price, what we agree is what you pay.  No other questions asked.
  2. Fixed Scope (SOW – Scope of work)
  3. Familiar requirement (we’ve done projects like this before) or clear requirement (typically detailed analysis & application design already completed)

Typically asked for by clients with less project requirement clarity and offered by us only when we have high clarity on the requirement. Advantages of this arrangement are low perceived risk and budget predictability.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE)/Rate Card

The typical Features of this model are:

We give a monthly rate card for different skill sets such as Analysis, Project Management, User Interface, Programming, testing, and Database specialist.

  1. Highly flexible – can follow any development life cycle
  2. Individual service components can be offered e.g. Analysis, Programming etc.
  3. Dedicated team – Knowledge management
  4. Lowest cost
  5. Client has a competent Project / IT manager on his side
  6. Client involvement is high

This is a least cost option hence you’ll have budget predictability.  The dedicated team working for you is highly flexible i.e. they can start with any level of expertise on the application. This places a high amount of control in your hands.

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