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GSTi has a tremendous growth rate and a proven track record in the past decade We are members of the illustrious and elitist software organization of India – The Software Technology Parks of India (The STPI). The STPI was set up in 1991 by the Ministry of Information Technology and operates from Electronic City, Bangalore.

Our key success factors are competitive telecommunication costs, well-developed technology solutions, and a highly qualified and competent technical team. Our technical expertise spans across myriad technologies and platforms, thus enabling us to leverage our experience in diverse IT requirements.

Our Technical Capabilities


We have developed and integrated client sites implementing features like catalogs, payment gateways, database search, XML based transactions, Web Services, chat, e-commerce sites, e-mail services, Content Management, Web Analytics, and so on. Our services range from, offering consultancy on solutions, handling turnkey solutions for clients, designing, developing and implementing web sites and applications, interfacing with hosting providers, carrying out maintenance and customer support for existing sites and applications.

Project Management Methodology

We follow the Unified Method using UML to provide a customized Software Development Life Cycle to our clients. We have defined processes for requirements capture, design, and development & testing. We generate UML diagrams representing the Use Case Model, Analysis Model, Design Model, Implementation Model and Test Model.

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