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The Aviation industry is on a constant growth path. The sheer number of aircraft and airline service companies introduced in the past decade reinforces how the competition is getting tougher. The industry expects reduced costs and improved quality of service from its service providers. Exceptional customer service is essential to attract new customers and to maintain the existing customer base. A number of low cost carriers, offering good service at affordable rates, have entered the aviation industry in recent times. Engineering organizations are now required to transform rapidly to meet the requirements of the industry that is seeing an increase in both new airline services and the number of passengers. This is where GSTi can help you.


eMROeMRO is a comprehensive, fully integrated, cloud-based software solution that successfully manages the maintenance, engineering and logistics requirements of modern airlines and MRO providers. The solution concentrates on the Aviation and MRO industries that rely on complex, high value or sensitive assets. The solution creates powerful ERP applications designed specifically for the Aviation industry. The solution integrates all aspects of operations with a complete suite of modules, including Quoting, Contract, Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Shop control, Pricing, MRO, Quality & Audit, and Asset management & Financials. The eMRO solution helps in turning a labour-intensive task measured in weeks or months into an automated procedure often completed in hours or days.

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MRO Analytics

The competitive landscape in the MRO industry demands sophisticated analytics in every subject area for accurate decision-making and improved efficiency. GSTi’s MRO Analytics combines its domain expertise accumulated over many years of consulting and its industry leading Business Analytics practice. Our Aviation Analytics Framework covers jump start analytics on Schedule maintenance and events, Cost analysis, Operation analysis, Inventory positions analysis and Procurement analysis.

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Fleet Management Service

GSTi’s fleet management services minimize flight disruptions. Fleet Management can be knitted to meet the unique requirements of any airline industry as a dynamic and fully integrated solution or as a single module that can integrate with the existing infrastructure. Industry Highlights:

  • Improved quality on Schedule changes
  • Exhaustive analysis for better Decision making
  • Supports multiple airline business models and scalable with  growth
  • Reduced Cost on Implementation.
  •  Improved Customer Satisfaction by proper communications
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