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MRO Analytics

The competitive landscape in the MRO industry demands sophisticated analytics in every subject area for accurate decision-making and improved efficiency. GSTi’s new offering for MRO Analytics combines its domain expertise accumulated over many years of consulting and its industry leading Business Analytics practice.

Our MRO Analytics Framework covers jump start analytics on Schedule maintenance and events, Cost analysis, Operation analysis, Inventory positions analysis and Procurement analysis. This framework is technology agnostic and can be hosted on any Business Intelligence (BI) platform. It can also be deployed as a jump start kit to serve the analytic needs in 8 weeks.

Framework Architecture

The framework captures all required Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in a foundational data model that is in line with the transactional data format available in industry specific MRO/ERP products. This makes it seamlessly integrate with your existing MRO source systems. The Analytical data structure with automatic adaptors to move and transform data from the base foundation layer exists above the foundational layer. The final output of the framework is the presentation layer which delivers pre-built reports and dashboards for analytics. The framework is easily customizable to suit your needs and can be enhanced to add additional KPIs or reports. It can also be bolted on as a jump start kit leveraging your existing BI products.

Business Benefits:

  • Greater insights to operations
  • Optimized inventory and stock fill rates
  • Reduced procurement lead times
  • Minimized downtime and increased profits
  • Better Resource Planning & Utilization
  • Enhanced service level performance
  • Significantly reduced analysis time from months and weeks to days
  • Global availability of sophistication to inventory and procurement analysis
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