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Fleet Management Service

FleetManagement     GSTi’s Fleet Management service solves the complex puzzle of aircraft utilization by handling all aspects of fleet planning in multiple planning horizons. It supports the long term planning, assigning aircraft types to flight schedules and optimizes the subsequent assignment of specific aircraft to routes while considering the necessary rules and restrictions including aircraft maintenance calendars, minimal turnaround times and airport restrictions.

Fleet control is optimized by supporting the short term planning of the control phase to accommodate changes in capacity requirements, including schedule changes and planned maintenance. On the day of operation the planning can be revised to reflect flight delays or technical difficulties.

Business Benefits:

  • Higher profitability – Shorter ground times, higher aircraft utilization and lower fuel and transportation costs reduce operational costs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – Due to fewer flight cancellations and delays.
  • Increased flexibility – Respond confidently to last minute changes and disturbances.
  • Company-wide transparency – The consequences of planning modifications are immediately clear to all planners.
  • Commercial negotiation / assessment of aircraft lease and purchase proposals / agreements.
  • Advisory services on fleet planning including phase-in/phase-out of aircraft type to suit customers’ requirements.
  • On-site technical evaluation of customer’s aircraft
  • On-site technical inspection / acceptance of aircraft / records.
  • Preparation of aircraft / records for return to lessors at end of lease.
  • Preparation of aircraft maintenance budgets.
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