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GSTi provides leading-edge technology solutions to healthcare providers and payers to help them deliver better services and care. We offer superior end-to-end Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) services. Apart from that, our capabilities also include custom application development, strategic outsourcing, and web-to-enterprise integration.

G Health-Sys

HIMSG Health-Sys, a fully integrated Hospital Management Software capable of addressing all the critical administrative issues faced by healthcare facilitators. The system provides better access to essential information by comprehensively supporting the hospitals to integrate and manage medical, managerial, and financial records in an accurate and cost-effective manner.

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G Health-Sys Pharma

G Health-Sys PharmaG Health-Sys Pharma, GSTi’s advanced Pharmaceutical Management System helps eradicate every stock and billing related issues pertaining to medicine. Stock expiration and demand can be managed by any outlet ranging from a small medical store to a multi-speciality hospital Pharmacy. Medical billing has always been a pain to healthcare due to arising concerns on medicine quality and demand. So GSTi brings you G Health-Sys Pharma, a more professional way to manage Pharmaceuticals.


Now distance is no barrier to Good Healthcare. GSTi’s vision is to provide a working model of telemedicine, which self-propagates throughout globally. GSTi offers the latest Telemedicine facility to bring specialized medical care directly to you. Telemedicine uses technology such as two-way video, email, wireless phones and other forms of telecommunication to link patients with the medical care they need, regardless of their physical location.

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Virtual Rehabilitation

Virtual rehabilitation is a methodology to train therapeutic patients entirely with virtual reality and simulation exercises. It is an upgrade to conventional therapy for patients with conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems to stroke-induced paralysis. This technique also supports in improving patients with aviophobia (fear of flight), acrophobia(fear of heights) and chronic stokes etc.

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