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Now distance is no barrier to Good Healthcare. GSTi’s vision is to provide a working model of telemedicine, which self-propagates throughout globally. GSTi offers the latest Telemedicine facility to bring specialized medical care directly to you. Telemedicine uses technology such as two-way video, email, wireless phones and other forms of telecommunication to link patients with the medical care they need, regardless of their physical location.


  • Accelerated access to Consultants and Specialists
  • Eradicates long distance travels in order to meet your consultants.
  • Immediate diagnostics with the appropriate expert.
  • Staying with family during unhealthy times.
  • No more long waiting queues in Hospitals/Clinics

Advantages of Telemedicine

  • Effective understanding of patients even with chronic illness.
  • Effective follow-up on patients after treatment.
  • Advanced medical care for patients living in rural and remote areas
  • Coordination of visits to health care closer to residence
  • Access to specialists during emergency times like during stroke, Physical breakdown etc
  • Improving continuity of care through streamlined communication between providers
  • Given by Consultants to more quantity of people.
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