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Virtual Rehabilitation

Virtual rehabilitation is a methodology to train therapeutic patients entirely with virtual reality and simulation exercises. It is an upgrade to conventional therapy for patients with conditions ranging from musculoskeletal problems to stroke-induced paralysis. This technique also supports in improving patients with aviophobia (fear of flight), acrophobia(fear of heights) and chronic stokes etc.

GSTi with support of Novavid Systems coordinates an environment for patients to be monitored not just from Rehabilitation Centres but also from their homes. Tele-rehabilitation assists therapists/specialists to refer the session/progress to customize exercises accordingly with ways to add or amend therapy schedules. The entertaining nature of each program eradicates the dull/negative conditions of clients occurring due to withdrawal tendencies.


  • Motivational Boost for patients, giving an entertaining atmosphere.
  • It provides objective outcome measures of limb velocity, range of movement, error rates, game scores, etc
  • Simulation environment available online & offline
  • Access to Remote Monitoring of patients
  • Active involvement of patients during desensitization
  • Facility of individualized treatment
  • Ability of assign task based training procedures
  • Configurable exercises:
    • Standing/Seated
    • Exercise and Rest Time
    • Enable/Disable affected limbs
    • Initial level of difficulty
    • Minimum/Maximum level of difficulty
    • Distractors & Time Pressure

Procedural Steps

Procedural Steps

Rehabilitation Solution

We support organizations ranging from small centres to major multispecialty Hospitals, research institutes, universities and sport academies globally.

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