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The Retail sector has grown manifold in the past decade. Changing faces of retail dynamics, and customer economics and demands have brought about newer challenges in the industry. The biggest concerns that the industry faces are customer demand forecasting and supply chain management.

GSTi has an established systematic Retail practice. Our system provides multi-outlet retail clients a bird’s-eye view of its financials, people, sales, operations, and product performance. Our information systems help clients balance the trade-off between greater Stock-Keeping Unit (SKU) variety for consumers and the resultant complexity for the supply chain. We have helped customers build data warehouses and applied state-of-the-art data mining techniques to derive logic from the data and provide actionable reports. These have been integrated with CRM systems so that store managers can get a holistic view of customer preferences.

GSTi’s in Retail

In the Retail sector, GSTi’s significant work includes:

  • Sales Force Automation, e-commerce, and Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Analytical reports on retail transactions to create Retail Business Intelligence
  • Solutions for Specialty Retailers, who have unique business processes
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Survey SafeSurveySafe is a very comprehensive, secure, and easy online survey application available in both Web and Mobile modes. This application enables you to create and manage quick and easy professional online surveys. Using GSTi SurveySafe Mobile App, data is captured in a timely and accurate manner, when compared to traditional methods of capturing data using hardcopy paperwork/forms, on a Mobile (iOS , Andriod & MS Windows platforms) and the data will be transferred to back to servers for further screening/analytics. SurveySafe is the first known Application Service Provider (ASP) service that provides the Freedom Data Server (FDS) option. FDS capability provides you with a choice of storing survey responses within your own hosted data server or within ours. FDS guarantees maximum security for your sensitive survey responses.

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