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Business Consulting Services

Consistently businesses are being asked to do more with less – less resources, less funding, etc. The reality is that businesses in today’s global economy and extended marketplace must find timely and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of their enterprise, customers, partners and shareholders.

Our Business Consulting Services is focused on our client’s most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, architecture, operations, technology and mergers & acquisitions, across all industries. We bring deep, functional, enterprise & solutions architecture, project management and business analysis expertise, and are known for our holistic perspective: we capture business and technology value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization.

Program and Project Management

GSTi provides our clients with Project Management services that focus both on horizontal and vertical initiatives. We manage governance, forecasting, strategy planning, roadmaps, project structure, knowledge collaboration, and delivery execution. Our practice focuses on high level collaboration, continuity and effective communication with the business, clients, technology centers and customer employees.

Business Analysis

Our Business Analysis practice concentrates on providing both high level business and functional requirements documentation for our customers. High level BRDs focus on the what through stakeholder identification, JAD sessions, strength and weakness reviews, measurable goals, use cases and requirements specifications. Our systems analysis focuses on the how through documenting and reviewing specifications, architecture, designs, implementations, testing and deployment. The business analyst is a key collaborator in the development or implementation life cycle of a project. Aside from the technical and writing elements of an analyst, we provide you with key and effective contributors to carve out high level BRDs that translate into successful, measurable, and functional requirements.

Enterprise Architecture

We define as: The generation and coordination of Business Design, People Design and Technology Design to ensure together they deliver on Business Intent. We cover: the entire breadth (from strategy formulation to project implementation) and depth (from intent articulation to technology design) of business transformation.

Architecture Service Offerings

Our service offerings can broadly be split into two categories. Creating and right fitting the foundational components that all EA practices will require to be successful. We refer to this as Enterprise Architecture Foundations. We can also help you apply the EA discipline within your organization i.e. get involved. We refer to this as Enterprise Architecture Execution and Governance.

Enterprise Architecture Foundations

1. Health Check i.e. Maturity Assessment and Report
2. Vision, Principles, and Organization Framework
3. Enterprise Architecture Framework, tailored and/or adopted
4. Enterprise Architecture Meta-Model
5. Establish Business, Information, Application and Technology Center of Excellences

Enterprise Architecture Execution and Governance

1. Business Design & Master Planning – Enterprise / Business Domain (includes strategic planning)
2. Investment and Prioritization Framework
3. Solution Planning – Solution Strategy
4. Solution Architecture – A solution
5. Architecture Governance & Engagement Playbook, KPIs and Monitoring
6. Standards

Engagement Model

For new clients we always start with a short investigative engagement (roughly 1-2 weeks) to enable us to better understand your organization. There are two aspects to this investigation: 1) understanding the complexity of your organization; and 2) understanding the breadth and depth of your existing Enterprise Architecture artifacts and processes. This enables us to tailor any engagement to address your specific needs and avoid guess work. This initial engagement also delivers a Health Check on your Enterprise Architecture – a Findings and Recommendations report.

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