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Data Integration Conversion

Data migration is unique and requires a comprehensive migration plan with key considerations that include available strategies, probable issues, data criticality, and the methodology. GSTi can assist in designing and optimizing the electronic data migration. Our proven Assess, Design, Implement, Manage (ADIM) methodology uses best industry practices for risk mitigation and data integrity – before, during, and after the migration.

Is a Data Migration Service Needed? You should consider a data migration service if:

  • You have a large amount of Open Systems data that must be moved from one storage system to another.
  • Changes are occurring in the storage environment, including a new storage strategy or new hardware acquisition.
  • You are implementing a business continuity or disaster recovery plan.


Service descriptions Service offering Deliverables
Data migration Determine the best strategy for migration data, including:

  • Migration over the network using backup software or application software.
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)-based mirroring solutions.
  • Hardware mirroring solutions over a network.

Migration over a network using virtualization technology.

  • Site readiness survey that produces a migration plan
  • Hardware and software to perform the migration services
  • Monitoring data quality and transfer rate
Asset swaps Provides an identical or near-identical environment at a new data center location prior to the move. As a result, only media has to be moved, not equipment. This service includes logistical planning, transportation, and project oversight and is available to destinations worldwide.
  • Site assessment
  • Risk assessment
  • Project plan
  • Test plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Status reports
  • Issue and action logs
  • Communication plan
Asset management A variety of services designed to support asset management requirements. This includes site configuration assessments, database builds, training, and on-site consultation.
  • Asset database
  • Layout and design
  • Custom reports
  • Training
Cabling, connectivity, conveyance and design Provides a total, managed approach to cable and connectivity needs to maximize operational efficiency and achieve greater speed and bandwidth for activities like SAN implementations or Fiber Connection (FICON) migration. Receive new cabling as well as under-floor cabling organization like conveyance systems and trunks. We can also design and map connectivity with new patch panels, zone cabinets, and bar-coded cables.
  • Assessment, infrastructure audit, and recommendations
  • Cable design
  • Cable products
  • Installation and post-installation maintenance
Environmental and physical services Corrective action for existing or potential problems within the data center. Examples include the movement of air handling equipment, air ducts, under-floor cleaning, and designs for containment of contamination, humidity control and more. We can also assist with raised floors, power supply and distribution, air conditioning, Halon and other fire suppression systems.
  • Thorough environmental audit
  • Asset management
  • Test reports
Media migration and conversion Relocate, convert, recovery or destroy media to reduce costs, optimize floor space, and improve data access and security. We can move tapes, other media, freestanding racks, and fixed-structure racks. Media conversions can be handled in three ways — at the customer site using existing hardware; at the site using StorageTek-supplied hardware; or at a preferred vendor site using existing hardware.
  • Project plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Risk assessment
  • Transportation and logistics options, including expedited service, international transfers and air chartered service
  • Communications plan
  • Security, such as a police escort, if required
Infrastructure services A total solution for expanding, enhancing, optimizing or customizing existing facilities. We partner with the world’s top five engineering firms for design expertise.
  • Plans, drawings, schedules, and aperture layouts
  • Personnel and resources needed to complete construction and relocation
Complete project management Complete supervision of data center relocation. This typically includes contacting and coordinating with all vendors; requesting bids for selected components, documentation, and on-site management.
  • Project plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Vendor management
  • Communication plan
  • Issue and action log
  • Reports
Supportive project management Responsibility for select components during data center relocation. This generally includes managing vendors in the de-installation and re-installation of their equipment, transportation management, media relocation, documentation. and on-site supervision during each relocation phase.
  • Project plan
  • Implementation plan
  • Vendor management
  • Communication plan
  • Issue and action log
  • Reports
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