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Database Administration

  • Schema Design Review, Physical Tablespace Layout
  • Oracle Installation, Database Creation, Alteration, and Setup
  • Oracle Database File Management
  • Oracle Storage Segment Administration Including Table, Index, LOB, Rollback, and Temporary Segments
  • Oracle Memory Segment Administration Including Library Cache, Data Dictionary Cache, Buffer Cache, Redo Log Buffer, and Java Pool
  • Oracle Network Connectivity Management
  • Database User Administration Including User Creation, Quota Assignment, Object-level
  • Privilege Administration, Security Management, and Role Creation
  • Database Backup and Recovery Implementation and Management Including Instance Failover to Standby Server, Dataset Propagation, Incremental Backups, Full Backups, Point-in-time/Point-of-failure Recovery, Logical Backups, Logical Recovery
  • Logical to Physical Data Model Conversion
  • Dimensional and Normalized Architecture Review
  • Table Partitioning Scheme Generation and Implementation Including Range, Hash, and Composite
  • Parallel Query Tuning, Parallel Server Tuning
  • Database Block Optimization
  • Extent Fragmentation Management and Elimination
  • IO Tuning Including Bottleneck and Resource Contention Minimization
  • Query Execution Plan Optimization
  • Indexing Strategy Review, Design, and Implementation
  • Tuning Oracle Memory Segment Allocation and Usage Including SGA, PGA, and UGA
  • Database Upgrade Implementation, Database Security Auditing
  • Database Reorganization Including Tables, Indexes, Clusters, Hash Clusters, and Index
  • Organized Tables
  • Standby Server Implementation
  • Advance Replication Implementation and Management Including Master/Slave and Multi-master Environments
  • Instance Load-balancing
  • Development of Customized Scripts for Performing Automated Maintenance, System Failover, Database Backup, and Database Recovery
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