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SAP Upgrade

Upgrade your SAP software to the latest version with minimal risk and less support cost

Every organization invests in SAP seeing it as a long-term deal. However, most of the organization faces a major challenge while upgrading to a new version of SAP software. It does bring the advantage of extra features and benefits but, at the same time, it is a complex process that posts high risk.

The level of complexity while upgrading depends on:

  • Reason for upgrading
  • Modules and add on components
  • Hardware and software platform(s)
  • Upgrade source release and target release

With its SAP Upgrade service, GSTi addresses all these complex issues with precise and detailed upgrade plan based on the clients’ requirements. Our comprehensive plan covers all the tracks of an upgrade: Technical, Functional, and Project Management.

More Features and Benefits for Less Expense

GSTi will help you move to the latest version of your SAP software with our SAP upgrade service. We can:

  • Minimalize the risk– as well as time and money for the upgrade
  • Create solutions that you can reuse – which are more cost-effective
  • Manage your upgrades as part of a service  – take advantage of enhancement packs to deliver functionality faster and further lower your costs
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