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GSTi – Briefing on Our SEO Service

  • The initial month of the contract period will be utilized for diagnostic report creation for the website. In this phase the website is thoroughly analyzed and proper recommendations will be given. Within this phase we will be performing a keyword research based on the business study as well as competitors analysis. Based on these evaluation and analysis, a diagnostic report will be sent to you.
  • After diagnostic report creation we will start the initial optimization on the website. In this phase we will be working on both on site as well as off-site works on the website. But priority will be given to the on page works.
  • The next phase after the initial optimization is the monthly maintenance whereas fixed hours will be spent every month on the website. In this phase both on page as well as off page optimization works are carried out based on the keyword performances.

Each month the head of our SEO team evaluates the progress of the work on your website, together with the SEO Specialist engineer who is working on it each month. At this time we discuss which key phrases require more focus. If a particular key phrase is not getting listed then we allocate more time to it. We believe by evaluating the results each month we can focus on the key phrases, which are yet to achieve better ranking.

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