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Website Sales Optimization Service (WebSOS)

Websites…websites… everywhere….. not a penny that it earns in return…..!

Are you a part of this website fear factor and have spent huge sum on your site hoping that the same will yield you good prospects? Have you loaded flash images, video links to social media etc. but the turn in rate seems to be too poor? Have you enticed your target prospects? What is the average time that a customer spends on your webpage? The checklist goes on and on. Any investment has to have a return and website is no different. GSTi discusses the new way of optimising your sales through your website.

GSTi’s Website Sales Optimisation Service or WebSoS is a practice built to increase the customer website ROI. Websites are the face of any organisation and has started to play very crucial roles of late in customer decision making. Different prospects have different intentions when they view the website. It is mandatory that the website should address the requirements of the decision makers, influencers, gate keepers and end users. The roles of these individuals vary from organisation to organisation.

SEO might give you ranking but the same will not reflect in realistic revenues. WebSoS Technique yields you both.

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