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Accurate and Fast Patient Data Communication within Hospitals

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G Health Sys

G Health-SysReducing the potential human error, time spend on patient registration and billing through the use of hospital software systems can save hospitals time, data redundancies and operational cost.

G Health-Sys, a complete Hospital Information Management Solution (HIMS) designed and developed by GSTi Technologies India PVT LTD with exceptional features suitable to any hospital experiencing operational difficulties and challenges in waiting time, patient information management, documentation and resource management.

G Health Sys reduces the transcription errors as the patient data is entered only once. This is a great time saving feature since all of the pertinent patient demographic data will already be pre-filled within the scheduler module. Medical records will be accurate as each patient entry will have correct name, birth date and medical record number. Different departments can easily access patient data and can combine diagnosis reports to a single file. No matter which department the patient has their diagnosis, the record will show a combined list of diagnosis performed.

Everything is integrated in G Health Sys to save your time, and operational difficulties keeping patient data clean and errors to a minimum.

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